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Monday, January 8, 2018

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Morning Wood shemale Dick in 3 D

While it was strong enough to knock the wind out of me, after the levels of pain I had endured, it felt like I had just gotten hit by a beach ball. As soon as Shelly got in the living room she produced the ball-gag from her bag and dangled it before me but I was not in the mood to be the victim so I snatched it from her and informed her she was my slave today.

The tree began to creak and groan, causing the ground suspenfer me to shake. I shook my head. - I couldn't recall how much I'd had to drink but the time on the clock kept bouncing around, 9:00pm, 10:45, suddenly it was 1:10.

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After 9/11 Canada and the US entered (with other countries) into a "Safe 3rd country" agreement, which prohibited refugees from country shopping. We have no obligation to accept refugees from a country we deem them to be safe in at an official point of entry.


That is not true, people have come from humble or bad beginnings to do great things.


someone explained to my what self respect meant, which ended all chances of us dating.


yes, he was uncle for you and I.


Perhaps you should listen to them for a bit.


You might be, but I'm not.


People without a sense of humor (or who can't recognize a joke, even if it's a really bad joke) should be accused of being prejudiced against irony (or "ironist," I suppose).


No judgement, but $300 is such a nominal charge that close friends should not allow it to be an issue in their relationship.


Lol. Now that is a new one, fluffy ;).


That is only in a mathematical model.


Although analogies have their limitations I'm not referring to fashion trends. I'm talking about beauty as a feature of existence. It only exists for the one who can appreciate it. It cannot be proved empirically.


Yes, they need more men in that field but it's one that draws women.


The OT version is neither. He is however, a basic iron age god. Very human and flawed


First of all, it?s not possible to serve all customers equally when customer?s requests are not equal.


That's a bunch of junk. I don't know about those kind of things and don't pretend to but if you are in that kind of misery there should be some way that insurance would cover that


Yeah, all sincere faithfuls of the Creator who are non-Christians are all heretics and cultists to you because all you want is to monopolize donations - using God's name for evil greedy ends..


? breakfast ?


I love her personality! Lol

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