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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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"Thanks. It was Libya once. Read about the battle of Misratah on Wikipedia. HMCS Charlottetown"

I like to work out, I'm 6ft, broad shoulder and lean. No offense. I have already widened your ass-pussy so it should not be too painful.

BurningAngel Emo Teen StepSisters Share Man Meat

I've never had one. But then I thought about what my life would be like if I was expulsed from the family. I on the other hand was not surprised at all. George Boy heard his Moms Car pull into the driveway; he saw his worse for wear Mom step out of the car lock the car and come towards the house.

Then just as she had done to me I left her tied up and went into the kitchen leaving her for a good ten minutes before returning to spank the other cheek. I'm so hard now. I groaned, but said nothing. " "Okay," she said. I knew he couldn't object to what I was saying as I still didn't say anything directly.

Hehe she almost got off to the thought of it.

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Show me this "spectrum" you reference.


Well, you WERE born today, so.......................


The English term God was taken from the original Hebrew word Elohim. And it simply means a position of power and authority over someone else, it does not mean you have magic fairy powers


I try to at least start the NoPo. It wouldn?t be fair to have Angie stuck doing both open threads at midnight on a work night! ??


PS seems not . ?? ??


It's not an either/or.


I also wonder if that mod has ever read the Disqus thread too on what is spam?


So you answered your own question and essentially admitted that humans are special. Great. I knew you could do it.


What was the cause for an eternal being? The question is based on the logical fallacy. God was outside of time thus timeless/eternal. Look up the definition of eternal


oh cool! i;m not really following, i just think it's great that trump and his administration has to feel what its like to be unwanted in your own country. To be a minority being unfairly treated. Serves them right.


The problem is creationisms constant attempts to get their voodoo pseudo distorted version of what they call science to be accepted as real science.


Watch the video I linked below and fast forward to the 9:50 mark in the video to hear the Australian 60 minutes reporter state very clearly that


yep, President Trump is not beholden to the Religion of GoreBull Warming.


Bill ran a ?50 State campaign? (much like Trump). Today the Democrats envision a 15 State campaign for President.


"So basically, it's a romantic idea, being sold to the people with lies."


As another blogger informed me.


I was 5 in 1986 so clue me in.


We tried the ole "If you don't react to cussing and don't make it taboo; they won't want to do it." Theory.


Nice try, but You LOSE.


Could it be because she sold the company?


That was you?


There are none so blind......


Why should he bother? He has everything nicely going along to make his life comfy cozy.


Canada DID burn down the Whitehouse in the war of 1812.

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