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Saturday, December 30, 2017

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"Tyranny for ordering a wedding cake from a baker that provides wedding cakes? How dare they?! ??"

Thus, the journey starts into some dark and fun places. The Men then left the building. I'm a girl and you are the boy that I am in wdestling with!" Andrea poured us both another drink.


Then you get on a plane again and you love them forever. When he was about to cum, he pulled out and I jacked him off onto her face, cum dripping down onto me.

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But most of the claims are mutually exclusive. Either Jesus is god, or he isn't.


Oh my. Thats unkarmanic


Why would I tell others he was if I didn't believe it?


The truth is it isn?t Islamic. It is an African traditional custom. It continues on accepted by both higher religions.


So, I laid a lot out there for you to chew on. I even mocked you by calling you a Trumpkin. Yet, the


If you live near the American eastern region, you might want to actually check out a Unitarian Universalist congregation. None are strictly Christian, but the eastern congregations lean much more Christian than UU churches in other regions. But I would check them out no matter where you live. They are very progressive, and were on the forefront of LGBTQ issues long before they were even up for discussion in the larger culture.


Thank you. There are about 200 companies that will customize a mug for you.


have you ever had "spotted dyck?"


How about after the fattie? More flexible then.


There is a conservative Catholic site Lifesitenews where is is pretty much the antichrist!


It's so funny!


Fucktardedness at its finest.


I would not deny that all sides protest issues to gain awareness. You seem to think it is ok when they are representing something you agree with, but when it is something you disagree with they should just shut-up and let things be.


You're unhappy, that's your issue.


You are falsely claiming that all Muslims are bad because they're Muslim. Yet you won't make that same generalization against Christianity.


Girl, I don't know how you managed this today but well done. I thought I was going to have to set my hair on fire the second I saw this topic, lol.


There's evidence it was there from 2200 BC - maybe 720 BC before being destroyed and then made a return later, obviously and came to prominence in the third century.


"I want Islam to decline just as much as Christianity." And I want a brand-new car.


I was temporarily banned from Breaking News. I don't go there much anymore. Read their OPs. I have to watch my language at Breaking News


What fact makes global floods impossible? Don't pontificate. You need a fact.


You do it every couple of days. Caught in your own falsehood.


Like I told him: It's just plain RUDE to IGNORE someone who's trying to engage you. Didn't your mommy teach you that either. Is that why some people hide like cowards behind their door when we come to share Good News from Jehovah with them. That's RUDE too.


I don't know who that is or why I should care. Sorry.


More than 500 people at one time, in addition to the Apostles, saw Him alive after He arose.


I meant rapist.


Whether or not you choose to acknowledge the violence in the bible, does not negate the fact that people have for generations, used it as their reason to kill and oppress their fellow man.


Thus the label child rape cult.


Statistically you are less likely to be divorced because vast majority of atheists are middle age and older white men. Women don?t like you

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