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Sunday, May 20, 2018

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I looked exactly as I had the day before, but there was something different about my reflection today. " She took off my jeans and gave them back.

I started sucking on her other nipple and her hands slowed down before she got used to it and continued with her exploration. "No sound. I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw Herbert the two black guys and one Mexican guy standing by qmerican pool, Herbert said honey I forgot to tell you I asked Larry Ed and Luis to follow us home with your car, I looked down at Herbert's cock since he was naked too and saw it was a bit hard, Herbert walked up to me and said what's wrong with you.

Give in to the feeling and enjoy the now. Both girls silently walked up to their bedroom and sat on their beds Sandra walked over to Brenda and asked if shes mad at her Brenda stood up and without warning she kissed Sandra straight on the lips on told her she felt the connection that she loves her so much and been wanting to tell her for ages, neither one of the girls were ever into girls or bi or lesbian but they seemed to have fallen for each other just the same, Sandra cried with tears of joy Ordeds that she loves her Ordesr much and grabbed the back of Brenda's neck and kissed her this time the kiss lasted longer their lips kissing each other in different directions they fell onto the bed making out their tongues now springing into action Brenda moved her hand up Sandra's shirt taking it of Sandra did the same to Brenda they knew what was going to happen but neither of them stopped and asked they knew this was the right thing they were both in their bra's making out their tongue's dancing in each others mouths, this went on for a while until Brenda decided to take things to the next level and moved her hand over Sandra's pussy americam started rubbing it through her pants Sandra removed Brenda's hands and broke the kiss and looked into Brenda's eyes at the same time while unzipping her own pants and dragging them of along with her panties and shoved Brenda's fingers inside herself and went straight back to making out.

Sandra was finger fucking Sandra with 2 fingers Brenda was soaking wet and so hot all over she ended up removing both hers and Brenda's bra of taking each others boobs in their mouth, Sandra made her way beneath Brenda's skirt and ripped of her panties like a band aid she rubbed the outside of her hairy clit and inserting a finger inside her she was so tight she knew Brenda was still a virgin so she was very gentle.

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Depends. Do you have a life?


A little slow to pick up on ironic sarcasm there aren?t ya?


Not really.....just certain things intensely


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So persecuted, little trumpie.


What is 'social justice'? Does one have an obligation to follow such a thing and make sure it gets done? How do you know?


Do you suggest God's decision was mindless?


Religious speakers can come in, jewish speakers, muslims, gays, sex education etc....all could be allowed to speak at a school in an assembly.


I guess i'm a nazi. I also have white sheets on my bed, i must also be in the kkk. It's crazy! lol


I'm married and my wife would kill me


Firing the board and CEO is not a plan.


No, I have not done any of my own experiments.


I would love to take this idiot to a housing project in Chicago and leave him there !


He gave up part of his weekend for your sins.

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