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Thursday, January 4, 2018

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"Sure it does. Look at Christianity in 1518. Tell me how open,accepting and peaceful they were."

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About an mirrog later I was sitting inside Principal Larry's office because someone finally ratted me out.

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I figured this was harmless so I responded by telling him I was 16 and from southern California. At closing, I walked with my friends until we parted ways.

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It is very revealing that THREE people - independently - applied the "rationale" of the radicals and made essentially the same application of THEIR "rationale!"


There is no such thing as 'objective' morality. Even if I were to concede that a deity exists AND that the deity is Yahweh AND that Yahweh wrote the Bible we still haven't arrived at 'objective' morality. All we've done is substitute the deity's subjective opinions for ours. Abdicating your choices about morality to someone or something else doesn't make it objective.


I am in DC. I know most of my homeless neighbors by name because they have been around for years.


"Care to name the mainstream, peer-reviewed historians who describe the existence of places such as the unearthed Pompeii, Eglon, Corinth, Ephesus and Herculaneum as only PROBABLE?"


Wouldn't Jesus prefer you have a flamethrower? Or a holy hand grenade?


It's an ongoing thing now. I can excuse most anything on a one time basis, but now every day is worse news than the day before.


He most certainly will pass first, and run on to and pass second, then third, and finally in for the home run!


Respecting the local social order is a prerequisite for the peaceful existence of an immigrant. People can move, the cultures don't. You probably never lived in a multiethnic society, which explains your funny ideas.


I would never do that, of course. But men in prison do that, and they change.


That's true. I was thinking of the states. It's rare for someone to openly admit in public that they're an atheist. It doesn't happen.


I don't care to explain the necessity for leaps of faith (axiomatic worldviews), because that is obvious to any mature, competent thinker. You can read up on that easily enough for yourself.




I should have requested any evidence which is scientific and NOT an argument from ignorance! If you had anything worth saying I suspect you would have said it instead of beating around the bush. Seriously do you have anything other than fallacy to lean upon?


Philips sells wedding cakes. That is his thing. The customers wanted a wedding cake.


That's why I started using my new phone's notepad. It's a thread topic memory saver.


I think they've been forgotten but should definitely be repealed asap.


First it must be proven that certain things can not be proven. So you are begging the question on your unfounded belief that there are things that can not be proven. That itself requires proof, don't you think?


Looking that up in the medical book of 'things that sound really awesome but super aren't.' ??

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