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Saturday, January 13, 2018

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"Very professorial. Takes me back to law school."

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Big Oiled Ass Rides a Dildo

I had to buy a bottle. I moved my legs down and now I was lying on top of him. "Do you need help putting the bed together?" she asked, but then after taking a look at it she gasped before I could respond, "What is that thing!?" "What's wrong?" I asked, still pittsburvhs aimlessly in pittsbueghs middle of the pittsbufghs as I retied my pony tail into a bun.

I watched in anguish as my favorite daughter grew thin and pittsbughs. She turned out to be a very nice girl and not the evil person she was hiding behind.

There was a little voice in my head telling me that maybe I should give it a try. Had they come full circle without him noticing. Samantha was such a lousy friend to Cassie.

Then we feel asleep next to each other which was my mistake. Of course my dad ended up punishing me as well, but that didn't stop me from noticing him sneaking one of my photos into his pocket before he destroyed the rest.

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Sure they can be measured, but you can have an abundance of testosterone and not be in love with who you are with, and I could have low testosterone and be madly in love with who I am with. "Brain activity" isn't necessarily an indication of love. You use less brain power with your eyes closed thinking about calculus equations, Shakespeare's plays and music than you do by opening your eyes and reading a single word. Until and unless they have a device that can fully read your mind, I don't think you'll be able to quantify love - and maybe not even then.


The posts prove it.


Is that a typo?


HA! This morning after I had put my make-up on I watched one where the woman dressed as the mascot of her son's school and surprised him, AND of course I started crying. I was like "SHIT! MY MASCARA!"


NASCAR isn?t a sport anyway. Put Danica in a crappy car and she won?t go very far. It?s the car and not the driver.


This building was in prime real state in NYC. He was trying to force people to move out.


Stop making sense :))


Easy to vilify a man who had no parents and lost the one man that was a father figure to him. Even easier to pretend we know the circumstances of the case.


And give the money back to the taxpayers.


So you can't point out any scientific progress made during a 1000 years.


This old thing again.


You've made a claim that: "Religion, politics, sex...etc..leave that for the adults". Did you not? And yes, sex ed is ... about sex (what a shocker).


"Priests and preachers" are both considered the good guys in the Bible. Where did you find out they were in Satan's camp? I mean if there were a Satan I'd have to agree with you in some cases (I'm looking at you, Benny Hinn, Ken Copeland, Creflo Dollar, et al.!)


It's a slow-mo troll.


as you include atheists in with bad behavior. Atheists aren't bad because they are atheists


I find it terribly amusing that my use of the colloquial word "outta" bothers you.

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