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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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The two were conflated by the time Genesis was written, just as El Elyon later came to be regarded as YHWH.


Dang! That took a dark turn, and in record time! Bravo!


Lol this video though... when he hit that switch walk.


So say they do "ban" all firearms, or even certain types. In order to get them from well over 100,000,000 weapons owners, they would have to kick down EVERY door in America, tear apart ALL the walls in every building, tear up all the flooring in every building, tear all the attics out, and then dig up every square inch of soil in the United States of America, which is about 2.3 BILLION ACRES of land. That's assuming you can get that far, after you've killed all the gun owners.


TS(unami): a fraudulent Disqus account has again been created to impersonate and harass me across multiple comment sections beginning with Sojourners. This is the fifth fraudulent account to impersonate me.


Are you EVER going to get ANYTHING right?


Secular education has been happening for a few decades now in both public schools and universities. I am curious to what you mean when you say 'better.'


Boom! Well said,


Why do I have to do that? That doesn't negate the point I just made. Furthermore, the "new laws" George Lloyd referred to that were passed in Georgia in 2010 targeted the employers. He's referring to HB 87. In very simple words, if forced the employers to use E-Verify when they have a larger work force. That's why "crop-pickers went elsewhere" as he said.


You don't believe that there are such things as dirty business dealings or that Trump could be involved with dirty Russian oligarchs?


(It's) cute to see one of you accept & the "other" whine afterwards.


Jesus DID break the Law... all the time!


Out of the blue what? Blue sky? What EVIDENCE do you have of that???


PS. One thing that often doesn't come up in these discussions:


Al Gore DID make the statement that he was "Instrumental in Creating the internet." THAT is blatantly false, which I have proven countless times over.


Why wouldn't you want the world to get along with each other by sharing in each other's cultures?


I do not believe that they do.


I wish you would get straightened out and get saved.


Majority Muslim. Have been since they were created.


I don't respect Rudy cuz he's an Ass Hole


That's why I have put it first:)

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