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Saturday, February 3, 2018

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"The reality is that this is not an uncommon characteristic at all among human beings or our social organizations. Politics is similarly a big tent. People find some common ground under a particularly banner or symbol, and yet no two people believe alike. People should absolutely strive to defend their positions (not only to others, but also to themselves). But no one need ever defend against why their belief differs from another's. There should be no wonderment at why Christians differ so much from each other, as the same can be said of Atheists, Liberals, Conservatives, Artists."

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LOL. Youre right, I was off topic...


green is stuck on hi matter its frailty...


maybe we will start with A next.


someone made an app to let you know when the mcd's ice cream/milkshake machine is down.


The story makes no sense. It gets worse when some claim he actually was God or the Son of God. Trinity stuff is way out there.


As well as can be expected, Jerz. Hope all is well with you?


"Try looking up the definition of omniscient, then get back to me"


I mean, 'convict' is already really hard, because if you had any kind of a shot at all they'd be taking a plea bargain.


On the northern border, yes.


OK ... now we are getting somewhere ... So you agree all life doesn't hold the same value (I wonder if this is your own or the Christian position ?)


it's a movie role...


But believe me, his life is in tatters, great guy by the way. Too bad I don't know him. Trust me, we'll just wait and see.


I never understood that comment. What do you mean, Mr. Scott?


Easy with the dishonesty and deceit.


Was more tongue in cheek. I know she doesn?t have any actual authority.


That statement was an absolute.....


"A lack of belief does not need to be defended."


I can't understand why the stock market continues to rise when Trump is putting tariffs in effect. I wouldn't invest right now. I'd short in the market.


Nobody's interested in your delusions.


Anything over medium rare is burned. I need to see a little blood when I cut into it. And NO KETCHUP!


My ex-wife once said she thought it might be time for a rewrite. If you want to live by a book and it's not a science book, you're living by the wrong book.


I'm sure I have two.


Hummm. That's strange, you read like a duck.


Hold it. This is supposed to be the b-a-d advise game, not "Advice From a Woman Who's Got Game."! LOL


Far more likely that someone in which there is no evidence existed actually existed? Sorry, I'll stick to common sense.


I don?t know how you got that picture of me, but I can explain.


So many people don't know of it Aloha. I've come across it in the past not knowing what it was. Just the sap can blind you permanently. Here's another link worth reading...


News Views easily.


Wynne is gone. Great.


Whats the difference between calling people to action (to commit a felony) and stating what a deity would do?


I agree, but what about my proposal that the 2nd coming of Jesus happens every time a new believer comes to Christ?


The cold reality of health care costs is they have continually been rising faster than our income levels and will continue to do so.


He was already an eternal immortal God.


Vishnu has seniority.

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