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Sunday, January 7, 2018

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"I would provide a secure room with a woman of similar beliefs to do business with such individuals."

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Thai wife shared with an amazing big cock

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I see it more as a history of the Hebrews and the very interesting and pretty adaptive way that they made sense of their world.


And I'm bra-less too,that's scary......


This old thing again.


God is the way yu see it are sure He will be sadistic that is waiting for the Judegement Day to burn us is hell ,, then let it be for you


another preacher who wants everyone to conform to their lifestyle.


What two people do, consensually, in their own car (or their own home, hotel room etc) is a matter entirely between them. UK law is not stating that if someone looks in your kitchen window, and sees something they *disagree* with, that they can bring a case against you. However it would be an entirely different matter if you went into their front garden, or stood in front of their desk at work, and thus *forced" yourself (and whatever you were doing) upon them. It's in the latter case that you would be guilty of deliberate harassment.


Peer pressure, some religious affiliations, skin color (in certain cases), last names. Physical appearance and you name it.


If He wanted the Gospel preached around the globe..


I?m pretty sure that was enoch?s ?atheist impersonation? ? a kind of ?reverse Poe.?


Take it easy on her she was drunk. It's not like she accused him of something heinous (ie. rape) that could have destroyed the man's life.


LOL Tell me how you realllly feel and you can use my soap box for a while...


Yes. Thats true. I didnt say ALL LGBTQ, I specified a subgroup based on their totalitarian ideology and they are often titled "militant" for a reason. Go read that again .


No.... Actually Jordan and Egypt gave the land to Israel...


I can't sing her songs unless I'm in my goat voice.


What an interesting bypass. LOL


Sure it is. We can trace genetic heredity through entire kingdoms. Why do you think you have so much DNA in common with a porcupine by not a maple tree?


The world is paying attention, and your ignorance of scale isn't impressing anyone.


I don't know why he is going, yet trust it isn't to harm our nation.


You feel that only believer can talk about God's word. I would say that telling someone they can't do something but others can...that is not really nice.


(((hugs))) I feel you. I'm the same way.


Darkness retreats from the light.


There it is. The famous bigotry of Pan Genek.


But in a sense yeah sure


Diet coke is disgusting.


Clergypeople come into schools all the time to read and do other things. Occasionally, they break the laws and come in in their capacity as clergypeople, reading sectarian literature and engaging in indoctrination, but most of them don't. Most simply come in in their capacity as human beings. Transpeople are also human beings, and their existence as such does not constitute an "ideology."


Lol. This should be interesting.


I did that to dad when I was a lad. There was a hatchet that he found a gave to me when he moved out of his house in Albuquerque. It had been missing for years. He said "I think this became yours..." with a rather odd expression. I went out and bought him a new one.


I see birth as the consequences of having sex. I see children as a blessing, not a punishment.


It's because children these days are coddled and their used to getting trophies even when they don't deserve them. Parents can no longer discipline. Kids run free and do what they wish. Consequences do not seem real because in their day to day life they have none.

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