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Thursday, April 19, 2018

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JANUARY 24th 2018

"His arguments may not be popular, but over decades of observation, they turn out to be on the right side of history."

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JANUARY 24th 2018

If you dont obey me I will send your pictures to everyone. there he was, mr. He had a planning meeting with Luke and the rest of his gang the next day, then he was supposed to be headed for Omaha, where Tjan had set up another crew for him to speak to.

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LOL twice with "snort" in the middle!


Nope. Christians are not that. Christians are Gods Children. Born from Him. As He is a Father and their is a Mother. So Christians have God-Parents. See it like this. If a "being" has dog parents it is a dog. If a "being" has bird parents it is a bird. Same with Christians. This is not "superstitious, uneducated inadequate primitives who abnegated responsibility to their undetectable, magical father-figures". This is just Wisdom in action.


You need to come to grips with yourself, your own ancestors, your own culture. You fear yourself and are projecting it to other cultures. No, its not the Muslims who have thousands of nukes pointed all over the world and who threaten to use them.


Speaking of "critical thinking",... "I know you are, but what am I", does not normally cut it.


BossLady found a beautiful used sectional yesterday. Really large for her and her husband's extended family. Not at a flea market but at thrift store. Probably originally sold for $2000, she purchased it for $400. Nice one, too...


Try kicking babies. Face some actual moral outrage.


How it worked? Just like science is uncovering.


While Bourdain was not considered young, I imagine that his demons were lifelong. He didn't strike me as one who would end it all because of government or harassment. Stress is a beast.


I think men and women are guilty of this. Women are probably a lot worse lol.


Lol, that sounds like a wonderfully self-congratulatory discussion.


It seems to me he is just railing against over-privileged white kids who need the discipline dial turned up a notch in their lives.


What?s you problem with my assumption?


Teach kids what to and not to do when they see a gun. Ignorance is not an excuse in a country that protects the right of citizens to own firearms.


Also true. I meant younger women.


Another self oblivious prog. It is YOU making yourself look ridiculous. You made the claim, and you have nothing. What makes the Ford family a crime family?


filterz rule!!! lol thanks;)


Do you agree with the premise, "All human infants are born atheists?"


Isaiah 40:20 He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth


That is what I just said.


LOL, so bascally you wrote this OP to bash on gays. LOL, pathetic


I think the blame rests squarely on Congress, not on any administration. This current crisis rests on Trump's administration but it's only because he has decided to force the issue. What's stupid is to force the issue, then complicate it with an Executive Order and at the same time drop support for any Congressional bill to solve it.


Glad to hear all is going well! Yes, I?m like the ?Dear Abby? of Disqus. Those who are addicted keep coming back! ??


True - relationship status makes a difference. My relationships don't tend to be serious and longlasting anyway - I know you'll say it's BECAUSE I'm looking elsewhere all the time!


Ha, ha, ha, it took Trump three efforts to finally get it right!


I don't have faith in math ; )


Until we know that all concepts exist in reality, there is no reason to assert they do.


He will need a few batteries when he meets Trump....Doug will have to wait for a week or two.


That is very much the meaning of ?kerut? in the Torah. Often translated as excommunication, it really means ?cut off.?


Rules of the Magisterium are different than using biblical law. The rules of the magisterium are subject to change.


Because no leftist has ever hunted down someone they disagree with and tried to destroy them right? lol

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