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Sunday, June 24, 2018

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Peaches PMV

"How would you ever quantify racism held completely within the mind and never outwardly expressed? How would you ever hear of it?"

"I used to party all the time in high school. Or the fact that bestiality was illegal. Would appreciate any comments.

Peaches PMV

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Most Jews today are not orthodox, let alone Hasidic. Even the most strict Jews do not try to convert people, do not impose their religious beliefs onto others and do not believe you must be Jewish to be ?saved?. One doesn?t even need to believe in God, to be ?saved?


Incorrect. See, old insults only work on people who consider your opinion valuable. The only way to impress those who know precisely what your words are worth is to come up with something original.


I was just talking about that?s how it would be amazing if we could get an ice cream person in a truck to come by our company who takes debit cards


YES!! Oh said if you were single.


How many theists?


Can I skip the pool and swim in a cup of coffee?


I said Romans did. Its not trashing the mosaic law, its Gods stance on it...but no one was ever intended to actually keep these laws and rituals. They were temporary...rehearsals til the real deal Christ.


I have many thoughts


Not to mention a couple of wars, healthcare, hunting down and killing Osama Bin Laden, and etc.. They cant all spend more days golfing in 18 months than Obama did in 8 years.


Yes, the advocates do that quite a bit.

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