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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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Love hearing you have a Big Dick Compilation

"So what are serving Yvonne? *sips tea, pinky up*"

"Yeah. I then applied the ball-gag which she didn't like; next I lifted her skirt to reveal her perfect tight little arse hidden from Exterme by just her blood red silk panties, I couldn't resist any longer so before she could guess what I Exfreme about to do I spanked her left bum cheek fairly hard, causing her to half scream through the ball-gag and repeated slapping her ass till her left bum cheek glowed bright red just like her panties.

Love hearing you have a Big Dick Compilation

"I like you a lot. "Well Melinda you can forget about stabbing us while we're stabbing you!" "Well guys if she can plot to knife us it must mean she's ready to get down to some serious fucking!" Mark looking down at her, "You never did tell us where you want it firstpussy or ass?" Sinking down grabbing her right leg with his right hand, his cock with his left "So we'll make the decision for you!" When his cock is hard he spreads her leg, settling in as Bill takes his place holding her both down and open.

Kitty dug her fingernails into my back. 5" in diameter and as Melissa saw it she looked at me in a hopeful way. Then I took her hands, taped them together and taped them to the ornamental piece on her headboard.

5 inch cock completely inside her freshly fucked pussy. tasting my precum in his mouth. He patted my big ass and said oh yes it would, so we took it with us, as we left Walmart Herbert say's let's get something to eat, so we headed of to a dinner and dancing place I liked.

Or, I could get started now. The Bishop sent us and we are here to give Brother Mickels a Blessing, Ann thought for a moment and said go ahead. Maddie decided to just trip down right there in front of Mary.

Their mother opened the door on them to find them sleeping she just smiled and closed the door.

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Your faith grows the more you believe without questioning. repeating over and over also helps.


Absurd question. If you have something to say, just say it instead of playing games and hiding behind a question.


"I did not break the vase"


In an empire as diverse and as fragile as Rome was by the 4th century, almost every minority could be considered important and influential. Syrian sun-worshippers were a much smaller minority, yet they were able to put a few emperors on the throne. I do think, though, that Christianity had enough intrinsic advantages over its rivals that its success was the most likely outcome. It had the advantage of momentum, and it could appeal simultaneously to the powerful and to the marginalized.


Christian bomber?? He was a bomber who happened to be Christian. In other words, its not the faith that did it. Islam calls for it.


I didn't call anyone idiot. You lie again.


You're sure welcome to your beliefs you just can't dictate the consequences of those beliefs. I'm glad you choose empathy for your fellow man not all atheist feel the same way i.e. Stalin and Mao as well as others.


She passed it burning end first to her unlucky replacement.


In criminal justice, there are often criminals who walk free due to errors in procedures, incomplete evidence, etc. The case against them cannot be proven. It doesn't mean they did not commit the crime.


Clearly you do not understand the point of my initial comment to you but.....you took the time to respond.....one of my favorite philosophers from the 80's..https://


I edited it. Is it still not fixed for you?


It looks like you're in good company, aka Susan.


You're both right, in the big picture. Our current health care situation is a mix of Gov't and free market entities. Neither can do the job properly on their own. The Gov't can't for the obvious reasons mentioned in this discussion and free market businesses desire to maximize profits, almost by definition. There has to be some push and pull.


I agree. The workers should be deported and the business owners fined the exact amount they saved on cheap labor plus 10%. That way they stay in business but lose money if they are caught using illegal workers.


It is debatable whether it is innate or not. I am convinced that it is not.


Seeing that you are called 'Uncle Screwtape', doesn't that automatically mean I must assert my faith in the opposite direction to your response?


As long as they pay for it first,


The Bible is also "a plagerized, violent 1400 years old man-made book of bad ideas by today's standads." except it's older. Didn't you see the similarity between the example you presented of one of these "bad ideas" from the Quran and the one I posted from the Bible? Both books are from the same pile of bullshit.


Is your point that we are getting inexorably better as the years go by? Why, how wonderful, James, that you can join me on the side of reason. Oh, wait, you're going to suggest that the way we've got better is with a supernatural kicker, I suppose... when, quite to the contrary, one of the things that has slowed us down the most is the idiotic notion that we should cling to the moral precepts invented in just those dark times that you mention.


Yeah, he's a cancer to Kevin Love, who never made the playoffs in 7 years 8n Minnesota and now has a ring. He's a cancer to Chris Bosh who couldn't win 4 playoff games in 7 years in Toronto who now has 2 rings. He's a cancer to Tristan Thompson who couldn't make the playoffs but now has a ring and a 88 million dollar deal he wouldn't have gotten anywhere.


It?s from the Federal Burea of Prisons. The raw data is here:


Thank you for your very first comment on this channel. Please feel free to post to the main topic and help everyone understand your view on the main conversation.


You comment makes me feel like I've underestimated my relationship with my dentist.


He is not allowed his individual freedoms when operation as a "business entity" as per his "business license" if this were something to do with his personal life, he may have a case, but as I and other have explained to you, when you apply for and accept a business license you are then bound by the laws governing business. At work, you are not an individual you are an acting as an agent under the business name and business license. Businesses can not and do not have religious beliefs or affiliations. He had plenty of choices to in which to sell his "art" to the public that would not involve breaking the law, but he choose to apply for a business license to sell to the general public. You give up some rights in exchange for some benefits granted. Now he wants to take his ball and go home in the middle of the game because he does not like the rules he agreed to. Too bad, so sad. No special treatment.

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