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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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"I can understand that your Armenian classmate may have had a better sex life for awhile after having it done but I would be interested to know if this lasted once the head had time to become desensitized."

It was a heavy floor style unit with a long pole attached to a rotating wheel and an attachment for fitting dildos. "I thought the same exact thing. But, just like Ryan, he also had a soft side.

The other girl who lived with us, Valeria, always seemed locked up in her room. Most of the time she wore short skirts, either just about or several inches above the knee, to show off her long, tanned, silky-smooth, toned legs.

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The conversation continued and we talked about our hobbies, taste in music and family. As she got to the brink of her climax, her body completely tensed up and she screamed into my mouth.

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Because my humble personal life is thoroughly irrelevant for the discussion. Unless you are considering marital perspective.


I knew a V A M. Wonder if she got married...


Do you order one of those umbrella drinks at the bar?


He certainly represents the idea of a Christian god. But the idea is flawed and the man is flawed.


How it worked? Just like science is uncovering.


I'll climb on that bandwagon


What an ignorant statement. Race had nothing to do with it. They were pretty clear this only had to do with Indiana law.


Just disappeared. Ugh! And I LOVED his character.


Good guess, a comment from a libtard on twitter.


Yes. Disgusting. Totally unnecessary Belief.


Those bakers and florists were willing to sell items to gay customers, thus it wasn't the customers they discriminated against. They simply did not want to participate in an event that they considered to be immoral according to their deeply held religious beliefs. There is no constitutional requirement to involve one's self in any public event.


He has pleas for minor infractions and none for Russian collaboration or election tampering and zero convictions. Federal judges won?t even sentence anyone.


Thanks for your usual two cents worth, adjusted for inflation.


The problem with theological discussions like this, is either everyone is an authority, or no one is an authority since there is no reliable epistemology for knowing god's intentions (or existence).


No--it has meaning--and you should wear it proudly.


not the blue states...


No. The Constitution says that naturalization is defined by congress. And if you look at the constitution after the fact: you are a citizen if you have been born here. You can't hold foreign citizenship and be protected. Open borders do not work. If you want to be an american citizen, come legally: and then you will be entitled to equality. They are not protected by the laws. Hear about the recent SCOTUS controversy?


There's no way he could be


The problem is these scumbag employers who hire these illegal aliens DO NOT deduct SS or Federal taxes and submit quarterly to the Federal government. It has nothing to do with websites and you know it. The state of OH spends approximately $900 Million on support and education of illegals whether you choose to believe it or not.


It's def tough to deal with...


Only if you're sore.


great set of pipes..


If fear of Perdition keeps you from doing bad things to other people, have at it. Whatever works, is a good thing. It's a shame it's the only thing that stops you from doing so, but you do need to realize some of us just don't want to hurt others. So we don't.


You are a non denominational christian. Yes, you are religious. But you clearly don't follow dogma. And you certainly don't seem to know your own holy books very well to have such outlandish thoughts on your faith. Not to mention wholly unique, and not in the good way.


And you are wrong, as before.


I apologize for getting heated about it.


What does whether I?m a Bible thumper or not have to do with whether I could possibly know more than you on any particular subject?


I strongly suspect that the military is concerned about harmony on their bases. In their experience, those kinds of relationships often end up in turmoil and violence and that is probably why it is frowned on. It is a practical rather than a moral issue.


That convo might have happened ohh...1,825 days ago.


I could just see that dude with a kid at the playground "Don't worry, my son will beat yours up if they can't figure out who's turn it is to go down the slide!" Model citizen...


You are asking for the atheists of this channel to reason with you Gillette. Cant be done.


Perhaps you could explain to me why slavery, as a concept, isn't okay? What about it makes it so morally reprehensible?


You know what?s tasty?


"Intending to marry someone you love and stay faithful them throughout life isn't "sinful" either."

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