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Friday, January 12, 2018

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Horny Stepmom

"I don't think Christianity really played a huge role either way."

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Horny Stepmom

I looked at him and he was bewildered. The next morning, it was a Saturday morning, both girls woke up and naked beside each other they did int say a word to each other they just looked into each others eyes and kissed and held each other.

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No but I do look beyond the words to the human being writing it and what their often described views are. Momma didn't raise no fool.


We will have to agree to disagree.


Yeah it is similar. I'm sure there are other organizations that do similar good works.


You have it the wrong way round.


"simple message"? Did you read your comment?


Lol none of them are atheist


go for it.


thanks for your service


A date...LOL. With Trump, dates come, and dates go.


No...it's about a year and a half old now.


1. Why do you imagine that Ikea is safe from violent crime?


It isn't though. You are a lying quote-mining troll who doesn't know what evolution is.


There is more evidence for cross species morality than there is for a creator. Animals knowing right from wrong is far from ridiculous.


Give her my number then :D


If she fills up on popcorn before finding the surprise I'm gonna need a bigger truck.


i dont like big butts and i cannot lie.


I?m outwardly sarcastic & realistic...but when you get to know me....I?m even more sarcastic than initially thought....but I make up for it with my very bad & naughty ways. ??


It appears, if objective morals exist, there are very few!


If it wasn?t for evolution their would be no humans.


Yes and that is also why they made the repeal process very difficult. And in today's political climate there's just no way it would happen.

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