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Thursday, January 4, 2018

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"Got it. Yo' house, yo' rules."

Both girls got woken up by the sweet sound of their mothers voice telling them time for breakfast before school both girls came down to the smell of coffee and pancakes both girls sat at the table while their mother poured them their coffee and served up their pancakes.

I then walked round the chare and cock whipped her across the face a couple decognitions times before looking in her little bag of tricks to see what else Shelly had brought, to my delight I found a butt plug some lube and a large vibrater.

After a few minutes, she let go of my cock and started rubbing her clit to bring herself to orgasm.


Hugh lead her far from the city and to a beautiful grassy area where there was a a picnic already set up. Lester came and went. By this point I was already soaking the leather of the belt with my juices.

My girlfriend was now stroking my cock with one hand, stroking another cock with her other hand and I was getting fucked, deepthroated and giving a handjob.

But those that can provide, what these women are looking for, and are well endowed. As I slammed into her asshole over and over and forced myself deep inside her, Angel gave a soft but continuous cry of happiness.

They wanted to get as far away from me as they could.

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Sorry... you're talking about in a particular group, regardless of venue policy.


yeah, but Copperfield always hides what goes on behind a curtain or wall - we can't see what is going on. These new magiicans have things changing right in front of your eyes.


If the intelligent design folks were arguing that complexity is intelligent design, then they'd certainly have gotten that wrong. They aren't.


This is what happens when you have a portion of society that equates abortion to "birth control" and the proper answer to accepting responsibility for your actions is infanticide rather than wearing a condom.


I couldn't help but notice that you are still waiting for Rev/Romans/Proverb to answer you. I'll check back later and bring you a beer to tide you over.


What do you take it to mean when it says "the heavens" when the context is dealing with the changing of earth from a dark wet planet to the upcoming narrative? I take it to be describing the universe and its contents, including stars, solar systems and galaxies, specifically mentioning "the earth" in its form, thereby setting the stage for the description of what is being done to the earth in the next verses.


I wonder if this is clear enough...


I said he violated the law.


Sad, probably one of most pressing issues of the day!!


True, yet its political connotations should be noted.


And none of it fits genesis. At all.


Be aware that you may be under the influence of a coding bug in the simulation.


I think he meant big 'D' democratic. As in DNC.


To state one way or the other without taking the context of ajatnit talking about or what it teaches is just a really dumb question.....

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