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Saturday, December 30, 2017

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"I am still waiting for you to reply to my rant about the NDP rabble rousers that Andrea refuses to fire.....She would only lose about 8 candidates if she did the right thing."

These were prefabbed in bulk and they came in different sizes-in accideng Midwest they were large, the ones stacked up in San Francisco parking spots were small. Some are so extreme minds are blown and relationships forever altered at the mere mention of them.

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Nope they don't discriminate, they realise that Evangelical Christians place the Bible before the law.


And this interpretation problem will only get worse as the years go on. Just think of the many sects of religion that exsists in the Christian church and these have surfaced over the 2000 years and this could possibly get worse. Over 40,000 denominations and many sects with in these denominations. As time goes on it seems each family will have their own interpretation and they will be able to worship at home and churches will not be required.


Morals are entirely natural though.


I'm fairly certain there's a fairly strong subculture where women are not able or allowed to say how much motherhood can really suck at times.


I'm fine with anyone using free speech within reason. I don't go into churches and start preaching about agnosticism. I don't expect to be inflicted with religious speech in public, restaurants, etc. You want to rant about your beliefs, try ranting to someone willing to listen, not me.


You mighta' heard of me?


It was settled at a Federal court level and the baker lost. Like lots of cases, they are attempting to move it to a higher court, but none of that changes the fact that Phillips broke Colorado AND Federal public non-discrimination laws.


No, this is all Trump. The 589 billion growth in the debt since January of this year and the 1.1 trillion growth since inauguration day is all Trump. You did not actually beleive that our debt was decreasing under Trump, did you?


Women like this make me so angry.


Trump sees questions as indictments. How dare anyone question his majesty.


1) Hard to say, I think most of us 'like' our beliefs and are biased towards them. I'm not very willing to reconsider some things, so I supposed I'm "mostly closed-minded" towards those.


Sometimes trolls are just best to ignore or block.


Definitely. On this anniversary of them bombing a childrens' concert in Manchester (UK), let's remember that.


how do you know that, though?


Trying to argue the opposite side is a way to keep that civility and respect going.


It was Bourne!


Just imagine if we were to become a sanctuary province. I think that promise hurt her quite a bit, even if it was completely under reported.


I hear ya. Put it down to experience.


oh yeah the life of luxury lmao. Come on man.


Why? Because you are an arrogant dipshit?


Get it in writing. Especially among friends.

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