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Sunday, January 7, 2018

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"Isolated figures deflect from the major theme here. The point is FGM prevails by a very high percentage in Muslim nations, communities, or whatever you wish to call them. Islam itself does nothing to discourage it. It simply shrugs it shoulders and goes on. Homosexuality is supposedly taboo, but it is practiced all over the place. In Afghanistan, parading young boys around as one's personal sex toy is a symbol of status and prestige. But, it isn't limited to only that country."

Mei was 16 now and had had ice blue eyes and chestnut brown hair. We had a nice dinner and some drinks. I felt her pussy convulse around me as she reveled in the abuse.

"Perry, you're not a career activist, are you?" "Nope," he said. He had called whilst I was in AE, leaving a voicemail.

She had compensated these past few weeks by cutting the V portion of her neckline to give her a bit more room. Ed pounded my cunt as hard as he could, until ih shot a huge load deep inside me, as he pulled out of my cunt I felt his cum running out and down my ass hole, Larry then got on the bed and pulled me on top of him his 10 inch cock went right in to my cunt with no trouble, I started to ride him up and down for about 5 min.

I wondered how she was going to fit everything into that skinny body of hers. Right as we were upon each other and getting ready to pass in the hall she gave me a little smile and kept walking.

"That's it. "Yeah, they're called Barnum statements. Lathering her insides and drinking her essence, I was on Cloud 9 while simultaneously making Angel moan in ecstasy.

" Do you want to fuck my pussy?" " Oh Im gonna violate your pussy!" Randy came in " MMMMM you look good enough to eat!" Brian laughed sec I'll be doing that shortly!" I gave Randy a CD with slow erotic music to play while we are on stage. Continuing my trek up her body with my hands, I slowly slid her top down over her breasts, exposing them to the cool night air, instantly causing her pierced eraser nub nipples to pop erect.

She then had on a Flannel shirt that she left unbuttoned "ooo I love the look of tight clothes on xex body Maddie!" Mary exclaimed.

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How can I disagree with the one woman on disqus who has the exact same sarcastic sense of humor as me??


Where do you stand on snarky british cat ladies? LOLOLOLOL


A lot of people just think the fetus should have rights, but are okay with preventing that fetus from being conceived.


Actually, you just scroll your mouse over "guest" on replies and you can see the name and beginning of the post.


In South and Central America?


They seem like the same side of the same coin to me.


It?s open again. Sorry! Fat fingers :)


It's entirely the case. It's the customer's art. The customer chooses the decoration, the color, the design, the logo, everything. Even the flavor of the mixing, the color of the icing, and even the topper. The baker just bakes it and puts it together.


I know that, but pointing out it?s hard to know what to believe with all the disinformation going on. I know people on the ground, and Trump didn?t create this situation. Now, the DEMS are trying to block Trump from fixing it so they can score some cheap political points. How humanistic of them...apparently political power matters more.


it's just not relevant


I answered your question with a question. Trouble answering?


You need to show WHY or present an alternative that supports all of the other evidence.


A forum with only a few lefties is bound to seem biased towards the right. Why do you suppose there are so few lefties left here, could it be that they simply burned out from constantly having to stand up for the Liberals? Spinning and deflecting from all those foibles takes a toll on even the most ardent Liberal supporter.


None that can be claimed as proven or completely substantiated.


These are just your opinions. As in this thread we are all coming to the realisation that we are in Christ that God you dislike. So you are actually speaking to us too. And we are totally Forgiving. That is Grace. Love to those that judge Us or whatever. I do think you will benefit from this One Characteristic of God. And there are many more. Like Self control. You have it or wish you had it?


You had me at "cookies". :)


Not even the PNB's?


I should have continued to scroll down, because you beat me by about 5 hours.


Wellll, that's my take on it. I suspect most Christians might disagree with me on that. :)


But what would you wear beneath the kilt?


I remember the first time some guy sliced it. Historic.


Yeah because of ONE incident where a republican is ASKED to leave liberals are suddenly worse than republicans.


YOU are the claimant. YOU have the burden of proof. If you can't meet it, which obviously you can't, you are a fraud. If you try to foist YOUR burden of proof off on me, which you are not attempting, you area cheat. Put up or shut up!


Germany admitted about one million refugees from Syria. Sounds like a lot. But there are 80 million Germans. That works out to 1.25%. That is 80 to 1 odds. There were more Jews. And it should be obvious the Jews were taking over Germany only in the fevered minds of the Nazis.


Mod, can you please select a pic? Thanks


If you think there could be a better witness to the truth blowing the whistle, than this retired military officer. Name him.


So God is punishing all of humanity for the error of two people... so he produced some malware in his ?code? to punish people for adam and eves mistake. Which is contradictory to his own word.


Aw I love Ted Danson.


So we should drop our humanitarianism and disallow anyone seeking asylum?


I want to address something you posted about me.


Care to point to where?


Except we are specifically admonished in the New Testament to keep the Commandments, which are and were, specifically, understood to be the 10 received by Moses on the mountain.


While, as a pantheist, to me, wind is ALSO the God Notion, ;) there is a difference in wind versus what everyone thinks of as "God"; and their effects upon us.


Don't need this on this channel. Ciao Beans.


more importantly, does she share?

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