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Friday, January 12, 2018

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lift licks - Scene 1

"LOLOLOL - I'm not quite like that but I'm not too far off."

This could be awesome. Thankfully neither of them was the monster cock. There was a link and a message that said thanks for the show.

lift licks - Scene 1

She said that it was a special ring and that it cannot come apart once it has been closed. Holy shit I was fucking her damn assit was sooo tight and once I got balls deep I could not Womns it and I exploded inside her ass.

Now if Bill goes off just as fast,I can at least save some humiliation. My fur glistened in the light. Sometimes she would take my cock out of her mouth and stick it between her tits. " He did, did he. Ann knew who both where and stood to greet, Brother Quinton and Brother Moe.

I pulled out and stood up. I figured this was harmless so I responded by telling him I was 16 and from southern California. I bit pwntyhose lower lip so that I was pqntyhose too loud and my eyes turned up as I Bestt, shooting sweet pussy juice onto my fingers.

Maddie continued to finger her and Mary was loving it. Leigh today is an incredibly attractive woman. This time it was the other way round and Shelly was the one that begged me.

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Sadly, just more evidence of the crazy dichotomies which exist in ALL people with current emphasis on 'the dark side' and specifically in the political realm. His timing, the unmitigated hubris cannot be excused by old age which generally presents as wisdom over time, provided dementia isn't a factor. If EVER there was a time that we REQUIRED former POTUS to lead by example, it is now. Instead, what we have been served, IMHO is more proof that the in your face, full of shitness we have been experiencing with 45, is perhaps just that...a more 'in your face' presentation of some serious pathologies which have existed at the highest levels of our government for time immemorial.


I found a family of gummy worm candy under my sofa??


Just handed it to him.


Now wait a minute. Kansas has the largest ball of twine in the world. I've seen it myself.


It's good that you understand that. It is not evident from the OP that you created, nor from the two other OPs that you, as one of the mods for this channel, have allowed to be left open.


Fortunately, Christianity's Holy Book calls for peace and love. Not so the Quran.


Plus- isn?t life becoming less diverse?


She likes a mouthful!


No migration scenario.


Because when I hear BS I stand up to it.


It isn't overwhelming documentation.


Bakers have a business license.


We are here ''for'' the universe. We are the suffering leaders of this evolutionary process on Earth to keep the Earth (energetically) vital for as long as possible. We do/did this by surviving for as long as possible which is triggered by fear of death. From this we grew out to a human plague which, with all our survival mechanisms, make more and more heat in the atmosphere of the Earth.


I never said I thought Crossan?s contribution was not significant. I do enjoy Professor Crossan on a personal level but I don?t necessarily agree with him on everything. There is one area of his work I do really find significant and had a major impact on me is expressed in his book The Cross That Spoke: The Origins of the Passion Narrative where he demonstrates that the Passion Narrative to be built up from various Old Testament proof texts. But his view which if I could sum up in a few words is that there is practically nothing left of the historical Jesus in the later scriptures but the lack of historical authenticity is ultimately unimportant as that message conveyed by the story is what one should focus on. Even though my conclusions about the historical Jesus are light years away from his I do agree with him on the dating of Thomas for instance.


Don't we all? But, have you ever landed *thud* in your dream?


That too but it's the same people same screenname and all ;)


Well he's a retard and attention starved fa sho...trust me on this tho #MIAknows


It is all hypothetical future guesswork.


I remember seeing Ted Danson in a movie where he molested a young girl and I couldn't look at him the same way for 20 years.


Except I never say that.


Absolutely, but does he need to vacation so much?


you want Trump to turn on them?


if you take it literally, how can you not think he's a monster?


Now she's raising cattle? I learn new things here everyday!


if YOLO why tolerate or choose to limit your experience? Nothing in the OT promises an afterlife (except as a remembrance) so this is your only chance to enjoy life and leave memories for your friends and relatives and the world.


The bible condemns capitalism and wealth through usury over and over again. Can you be Christian and wealthy?


Great thanks for your service. That makes 2


California 'Kill the Gays' ballot blocked


"Do you think that using public funds to provide health care is immoral?"


?I?ve never talked* to her,?


Oh, its pretty clear


Families is, kind is family


That's kinda what I was trying to get at. You can either have a small moderated community or large unmoderated one. Balancing rules/moderation with community size, particularly on the internet, which many see as what should be a "free space" is very difficult.


Conservatives don't want to control everybody. We'd very much like for you to take responsibility for your own lives while at the same time preserving the good that has kept this Country afloat. No, we wont sign up to any and every garbage bills proposed and are happy to be called bigots for questioning anyone/anything that threatens the constitution and our bill of rights.

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