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Sunday, January 14, 2018

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"Every time the scriptures invite the individual judge it is about how they interact with the world, not how others do so. Even when invited to judge the "fruits" of others, you are being told to keep yourself "pure," not to meddle in other people's business. There is no "Grand commission" to be an uninvited busybody and bully to other people. And actually, there are plenty of places where Christ very directly tells people to mind their own business, calling contemporaries would did not do so "hypocrites.""

Xx. "Show some respect, Chastian," I growled, "she was a loyal ranger and the best tracker I'd ever seen.

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My stomach was doing flips every time I thought about being on stage. She continued to rub her hands along the side of my head as I moved down her face and started kissing her neck. We walked into the big room and out of a side door came the couple that was on stage.

He just laughed and told me I didnt even know if John was his real name and if he was from California.

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There actually are mentions in the Talmud of a Miriam, who in context and in connection with other Talmudic and Tosefta accounts sounds a lot like the mother of "Yeshu."


Religion=Bias...not science. Science is the opposite. Science questions everything and searches for answers and proof.


trump was born in Kenya? and the trump's and Obama's were friends?


The Democrats problem is three fold:


Now that's what I call a supersized cup of Kool Aid!


Her "what-if" argument is nothing more than: "If my aunt had balls, she's be my uncle"


It is a much more interesting fact that


with respect to the rocket guy, he later claimed the "government told me I needed special licenses" to which the government responded "he never asked"


There is no segregation, and there never was.


Lol .. you are kidding .. you are trying to use a vague fruit based metaphor to justify your beliefs ..


I saw that more as a footnote :)


I think any kind of rational argument is lost on this one.


You're right. We should just nuke ever last square inch of the place.


"...and party on, dudes!"


... What are you one about?


Haha - fans! Now that's pretty funny!


I don't know. I've lived in Louisiana my whole life. Can't stand blues, jazz, or zydeco music.


Especially when you're lined up behind each other in Yoga class and someone lets one rip right infront of you..but you can tell they are trying to hold it in and it comes out sounding like little gun pellets. And then you have to pretend you didn't hear or smell a thing.


is the previous administration equally responsible for the things going wrong in the country? somehow i doubt it.


But because people like you support illegal immigrants, that makes it more difficult on people that want to come here through the legal process.


Right so HD gets hit with taxes (tariffs) if they stay and they will get hit with taxes (tariffs) if they leave. It's like the president wants to put HD out of business.


Lol he is the worst. I have never seen a dog so nosy in my entire life.


I thought it would be perfect if it just had blue bell ice cream. Lol


lol The author of the OP was "remined" the prince's name is Harry. Sorry. That just sounded funny to me.


I would tell him to let his wife know how he feels, and maybe ask his wife to FaceTime or video chat when she gets there, so he can at least see who this person is and that he doesn?t need to worry.


Feels good in the moment, but victory is theirs, as they managed to drag us down to their level.


Moldred, you just described a blend of Greek mythology and a Star Trek episode.


as ive pointed out,trying to use spin does not mke it less of a lie.. and please list the other presidents who have had a history of infidelity,or numerouse encounters of a sexual nature.. only two come to mind. trump,, and bill.and bill is villanized, and trump is a hero for it.. and uses misquoted passeges from the bible to assure the punters he is a great american.


False. I did not say that. Stop trying to put words in my mouth.


I agree. It?s also a matter of smarts. If Jack had put Artist Studio above his door instead of Bakery he would?ve had no problem.


Um... You might have won a point if my comment was an actual "but Obama" or "but Hillary" clique, but in point of fact, I didn't say the word 'but' in my comment at all.


Fair enough, Wouldn't you want to read what some of the best of Christianity has to offer? If you read it and find it lacking then at least you have read the best one side has to offer.


I didn't realize NASA had set the bar so low for hiring. When you think your opinion is sound before learning anything about a subject, that's pretty bad.

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