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Monday, January 15, 2018

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Sexy girls Jessica Jaymes, Lisa Ann and Nicole Aniston sharing cock

"If you own anything besides the clothes on you back."

She returned with another couple a few minutes later, slid a larger buttplug into my ass and then positioned the girl with her ass facing my cock. He patted my big ass and said oh yes it would, so we took it with us, as we left Walmart Herbert say's let's get something to eat, so we headed of to a dinner and dancing place I liked.

We were now coming in perfect synchronicity. I had never slept so well in my whole life.

Sexy girls Jessica Jaymes, Lisa Ann and Nicole Aniston sharing cock

Both girls finished their cigarettes now cuddling up to each other they gazed into each others eyes Brenda cuddled closer to Sandra telling her she loves her as they fell asleep into each others arms.

She passed hkbby again on the 2 mile ride and I went around to get her out. mu I said, "And about how horoscopes and stuff like that are usually just vague general statements that most people can relate to.

She wanted to taste it. I let her fall with a thud on the ground, her desecrated corpse still convulsing with the last throes of death. All I could do was cum.

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Bragging mostly. I've lived in the city where a 15 mile drive could take over an hour. Not worth the stress and drama.


The problem is : people who like Israel and Jews like Saudi Arabia, rebels and jihadists who fight against Putin and Bashar (but who behead or stone people on simple denunciation), so I can not trust these people.


Get back to me when you can create life from the ground up. Or call a universe from nothing. Then your assessment of God's intelligence might mean something about Him rather than simply saying something about you.


The idea of ?entropy? in physics is a technical concept that essentially measures the degree of ?disorder?or disorganization of a system. For purely probabilistic reasons, isolated systems (systems left to their own devices) tend to evolve in a manner that keeps the level of disorganization (entropy) constant or causes it to increase. The entropy of an isolated system almost never decreases. Systems do not get more organized spontaneously. In order to cause a system to become more organized something must enter the system from outside and expend energy.


James Fowler, Stages of Faith


Catholic scholars defined and assembled the biblical canon ... the Bible.


We are all born theist. You just believe in one less god than I do


Bigfoot and gawd are the same thing?


There isn't ANYTHING Man has made without a "design". Rolex watches don't come by 'accident'... You must be a fool to go around stating that claim; it is simple absurd, from the point of Engineering alone. Forget about Philosophy or Science. God was right when He stated "a fool...". Truly a fool.


Science can explain what?


Now Jack, you have a pretty miserable record of predicting & interpreting the Mueller investigation...


We live in a post-humor world. Humor is problematic, because reasons and stuff. Lebow is a bigot, and probably a racist too!

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