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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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"Stop with the bluster. I shouldn't have to point out that no one is claiming that either Plato or Aristotle or Euripides or Homer or Alexander the Great was actually God in human form, performed many miracles and died and then rose again and people must believe this or burn in hell. We don't have a lot of reasons to doubt the existence of these people but we have plenty of reasons to ask for evidence to back up the ludicrous and completely unsupportable claims you Christians make about Jesus. If there were really any evidence that Jesus existed we'd never hear the end of it from Christians and you would have posted it already. I've seen all the Christian websites that try to make a case that Jesus existed and they're a joke and obviously you know it too because you're afraid to humiliate yourself by posting any of those sorry arguments right here. I also shouldn't have to point out that you ignored every one of the points I made and went right on blabbing as if I raised no objections at all. I hate when you people do that. Your sneaky and unethical debating techniques are a reflection of morals gleaned from backward, superstitious animal sacrificing primitives. Again let's see that evidence. Tell me about it in your own words. Contemporary evidence. Step up to the plate. The count is 0 and 2 now. One more strike and yer out."

We all stayed naked that whole next day and when ever they wanted I was told to bend over and the took my white cunt or my fat ass, after Ed and Larry left Herbert fucked me 3 more times until we fell asleep, Herbert and I fucked for another day until hubby got back, then hubby and Herbert would fuck me and I would suck them off, until Herbert left, we never told Hubby about how I became a white whore for black cock.

He squeezed the last bit of cum out and shook it off as he got up. This is something I already knew in a sense, but for some reason I'd never considered exactly how it might affect her.

I was growing frustrated.

[Cock Ninja Studios]Nerdy Little Sister Blackmailed For Sex

All I had to do was lighten them up a little with some photo editing software and you could see all of her goodies. doxtor like someone is really turned on by what is happening" Carmen said as she tugged on my cock.

One guy shoved his cock roughly into my mouth as I grabbed the two on either side of me and began jerking them. On the way home Andrea asked me to get her a bottle of Champaign. That still leaves dotor room, mom and dad's room, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, and the basement, and if you really want to get picky, the closet is big enough for us too.

Today is our six month anniversary!" "Oh.

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Lol I don't mind if they don't want to gain understanding either. It's what my uncle used to do, couldn't understand when the convo was over lol.. I'm like OMG OK I GET IT, PLEASE CAN I LEAVE NOW lmao. He would follow you arguing his point.


If ALL must go, then why argue about if they are fellons or not.


Go wash some laboratory glassware.


and right on cue a flaming left winger appears to defend the maniacal religion of our time


Bussed in. To do the incredibly HARD work it takes would mean those bussed in wouldn't last a day or even to lunchtime. You have no idea what it takes to do the manual labor.


David, also perhaps some are not aware, but Rob's wife Renata has an alcohol addiction and was arrested and charged in 2016.


You don't speak for anyone but you, not sure why you think otherwise.


You are obviously missing the point of my comments.


I think Trump actually believes he has the power to order a 25% surtax on Harley profits.


Be real. It would just be one of those birdseye view videos of somebody making a cake pie (or a pie cake, if that's what you're into).

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