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Thursday, January 4, 2018

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Toronto Mayoral Candidate Nikki Benz Gets Banged Doggy Style

"Now, what do we have here people in your discussion's seem to complain about having their comments deleted now don't they? Quite suspicious isn't it?"

And you can test run Filly new double bed!" Squealed Tessa, almost jumping up and down with excitement. As a small moan snuck out from between my lips I thought, ''Oh Gods.

" "My caring sgower, doing every little thing for me," she smiled. At first I didn't understand what that meant. Reaching forward, I grabbed her bay the back of the neck and leaned showed and I whispered, "just relax, this will be over when I want it to be" and then I kissed her on the forehead.

"Continue staring at my butt and you won't live the next day" Carmen said and I turned around immediately. I knew he couldn't object to what I was saying as I still didn't say anything directly.

I got her inside and she grabbed my ass. " "Don't say that, Mother," Rose sobbed, "it's not your fault. And when it settled inside her and began to move, it happened.

I rolled over and spooned her.

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Define "innocent". For Him, there is no "innocent". We all must die, because it is in our genes (and I do not mean Levy's).


Two key ways you can know Schweitzer was right:


Must not ride the BART often.


If you desire to persist in your unbelief, why do you post here in a discussion of a valid topic? You are entitled to believe what you will


He was forced to do so because he was in a minority government, which wanted him to spend twice as much as he did.


We'll never know: big wars occur for various occasional motives.


Jesus isn't mentioned in the Dead Sea scrolls because most writing on his life hadn't happened by that point. He hadn't even been born for most of the period.


Does anyone else laugh when you are at an all you can eat buffet and you see someone with two heaping plates for themselves, not for them and a family member, then walk over and select a diet pop from the fountain?


That you know of.


You've taken years to think about it and still came up with something that broke down so easy, and also doesn't make sense or hold water.


1. Darwin wrote in his book that "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest" are two equivalent formulations of the same idea. Do you disagree with Darwin?


Hawking was the foremost expert. Pretty typical for a creationist to claim otherwise. Now, about your peer-reviewed papers published in scientific refereed journals that show a god is needed like the original poster in this thread claimed, and you chimed in. If you won't/can't, I understand.


(1) We may be there with Orca Whales. What do we expect human intelligence would look like if we didn't have thumbs?


Why would God do that for you? What do you have that he would want besides faith in his Word, which rose from the dead!!! :) LOL!!!


Meh. California's nanny government shows its intolerance.


Right, so let's lower the incentive to commit crime, and then punish those who still do.


Two games in one day, the same teams. : )


It will also be interesting to see who runs for the Republican ticket.


The good Samaritan story is morally instructive. No problem with that.


Oh rudi. You should become a motivational speaker.


It is not up to the parents, either. We have CSP for a reason. The child can grow up and decide for himself.


Do you mean how do you post a discussion?On the main page for Religion where the discussions are listed, at the top of the page, you should see "What would you like to discuss?" link. That brings you to the page to format your discussion.


I'm sure Mussolini must have.


So you've simply mistaken occurred with occurring. Past tense with future tense. Things that have occurred- occurred. We have ONE example of our earth. This isn't counting cars driving by. This isn't the likelihood of an Ace of Spades dropping next from a four deck shuffle.


I didn't realize you were Jewish.


Damn dirty apes - oops, right actor, wrong film.


Yep. He decides where citizens live, if they can leave the country, what media they consume, what haircuts they get, etc...If that's not a dictatorship, I'm not sure what is.


Stand you ground. You guys are done.

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