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Friday, January 5, 2018

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She Wanted A Sleepover

"Damn dirty apes - oops, right actor, wrong film."

We both erupted together in a mutual display of sexual satisfaction. Her perfect ass was sticking up and out in the open, showing her squeaky-clean, lightly shaded puckered asshole. She put her arms around my neck and our tongues started playing with each other.

Standing back, I admire my handy work. "I thought the same exact thing. Maddie dropped her sweatpants and to Mary's surprise Maddie wasn't wearing any panties. Then just as she had done to me I left her tied up and went into the kitchen leaving her for a good ten minutes before returning to spank the other cheek.

As soon as Shelly got in the living room she produced the ball-gag from her bag and dangled it before me but I was not in the mood to be the victim so I snatched it from her and informed her she was my slave today.

I did. My girlfriend said that once I was done with these four, I would be finished and if I did a good job, would be allowed to cum.

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Apparently two whole paragraphs was just too much for you to handle.


Ask Donald J. Trump. He has managed to trash his reputation several times:


Kinda caliente, aren't they, ann. : )


Bacchus 101. When I was a kid I had a kids book about Davy Crockett. This book blended some actual facts with a great deal of imaginative fiction to appeal to the emotional natures of kids and to make the book entertaining,


scum saving life. i wish that was a thing.


to get in..


Gee you forgot to call me stupid and a moron and that I need to jump off of a cliff


You're arguing an irrelevant god?


It all depends what exactly is being compared, though, doesn't it? Pointing out the things that are similar about different religions is not the same thing as saying everything that all believers profess or do in the name of their religions is all morally equivalent. When skeptics draw attention to the ridiculous features that religions share, we are trying to get people to see HOW religions get away with the outrageous things they do, not suggest that everything they do is equally outrageous.


So you go back to that board and say that nobody has to believe Jesus was a animal sacrifice and don?t have to believe he is God in the flesh and I?ll believe you... till then you lie!


But sometimes people hear that someone is personally anti-abortion and assume they agree with all that. I don't and many others clearly don't either.


nah "Manscaping" is not that fun even at 1AM...

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