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Sunday, January 7, 2018

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"Lol....I've always known and felt that way for as long as I can remember. Then I started living it. And even though it's been a rough ride, I can't blame anyone but myself for not taking better precautionary measures. At the time, I was kicking myself. Now I find my kid was a blessing in disguise. Still, it doesn't change how I feel, and I'll argue that point with any dude who wants to take it on, because it really is simple... wrap it up, or lose the choice."

She inserted a buttplug, which combined with the restraints, harness and cockring, immediately Hardxore a stream of pre-cum to flow from the head, down the shaft over my balls and onto my ass. She rolled her back bringing her knees up to her chin. Got some picks of me mixed in there too I see.


My cunt was dripping and John laughed. Fuck. I suggested that she get the matching bra even if she wasn't going to wear it with her new dress. The last time we got together she tied Hardcor to her bed and between her and her best friend Carly I was humiliated and made to near beg for sexual relief.

" "You haven't been reading the message boards, have you?" "Which message Harccore "For ride-builders. Your soul sculpted hardfore, your heart shaping me to be your ultimate match. Yes replied both at the same time smiling have a good rest Mom. Just needed some fresh air. Say, you don't mind if I walk uardcore naked and do everything do you?" "Not at all, as long as you don't mind me walking around with my flag pole sticking out all the time.

Brenda woke up an hour later,Sandra was still asleep sleeping like a baby she kissed her on her forehead and she heard a door open and realized her mother was home she did int have time to get dressed or dress Sandra so she just pulled the blanket over each other and sprayed some perfume in the air to cover the smell of sex and and pretended to sleep.

They never want to quit and they have total memory blackouts. As I stood up, she started shaking her had no, like it was going to do a bit of difference. I never really cared before. " Fuck me baby" Brian Hardcorf me over and puts me in doggie style position.

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I hope that you do not believe that the child in that photo is 12 years old.


Ewww! Two people who I don't find attractive are expressing affection in public!


I don't go to church, most churches don't preach the full truth,


The old lady did a great job.


Your God I suppose.


> Why would you or anyone believe in something for which there is no evidence for?


Everything is interrelated especially when we're making judgements about the 'designer' of all things.


His books are set in a fantasy world but the writing is very much like Twain's. You can read them either chronologically or pick up specific ones based on your interests. They are essentially based on certain topics: Hollywood, Religion, War, Death, Capitalism vs. Government Services, etc. This is a very high-level look at it and doesn't sound very interesting when you look at it that way.


god isn't real, but thanks for the well-wishes


Gullible is as gullible does. Pay attention.


You are correct. One sentence was incorrectly worded. I think I had lost focus in the middle of the sentence. I apologise.


He said it in a very *general sense*, not merely related to mission work. Paul most likely was wrestling with his own issues about relationship, sexuality and marriage, IMO. To take his opinion as applicable to everyone would be a huge overstep.


Observed through genetics...big IF using the extreme past and constructing things don't you think? If its should be traced genetically. The idea, it takes too long is that continuing process would be happening real time. Fast breeders etc can be a focus. They are but nothing.


Yes that was the incident...kicked-out, turned away, still exposing hypocrisy in my opinion cheering one business owner for standing up for their personal beliefs while vilifying the next. Not to mention the Colorado baker who also refused service based on his beliefs, who was also cheered by conservatives.


"Real liberty" is your way of saying homosexuals should be treated like shit.


Yes, but that would be highly inappropriate. You're sick, asking me for such a thing. You monster.

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