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Sunday, December 31, 2017

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"Your faith grows the more you believe without questioning. repeating over and over also helps."

Kitty had called her vagina that since she was a little girl. pretty much. " "I think we can agree to just keep this physical.

I decided to see what was on TV soank after flipping through channels for about a half hour I got bored and decided to get online to chat with some friends on instant messenger.

Teen College Couple Fuck

When they came back on there were two young girls on stage and Randy. I probably could have tricked myself into believing the shaft that now glided in and out of my mouth belonged to a human, but for some unknown reason, I didn't want to. He walked into the storeroom at the back of the shop and came out holding a red shirt.

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A few of the girls and guys giggled and snickered but one or two in the back just smiled at them.

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Thank you for your thoughts, Praedrus. I know it can be alot to take in. Perhaps I am wrong in my assumption that Jesus' return could be as simple as the conversion to christianity. But what if Im right? The Jews are still looking for their messiah, after approximately 6000 yrs of waiting. Jesus' return was expected to happen within the lifetime of his followers. This is true, but still the church waits, 2000 yrs later. I believe my theory deserves at least a thought or a moments consideration. If todays church had half of the commitment to love and serve that the early church had in spades, we would be a power to contend with. Instead, we look to the clouds and expect a futuristic return of God in the flesh, all the while calling ourselves the Body of Christ, but not believing it. The church has fallen on hard times. We are not what God expects us to be. If we could only embrace the figurative return of Christ as a done deal, I think it would change the world we live in. ???????


The Religion channel, aka ATHEISTS R US, is very intolerant.


Lol so was I. Wtf was he talking about I had to change the channel. My man was like oh this is being watched globally. I?m gonna get my shine! Rambles on and on.


I don't read misogyny or contempt for women in any of Paul's letters or actions. He encouraged and praised women serving the church.


What are the opinions of people here?


As per the usual they forgot to tell the bad guys - no gun s/


I was in bed by about 11:45 and my hangover is just about gone now!


I do, so youre wrong again,


well you're doing a great job of keeping it private I talkin about it on a public website LMFAO


Do you not remember this gimic?


They are some people that are uncomfortable working out in general


Q) Did Kanye say anything about slavery?


Why do you guys hate turn about so much? I'm just giving him what he gives to everybody else.


AFAIK you could be right, but as a general rule I think the 21 is the limit of incarceration if you commit a crime before 18 as long as you are not charged as an adult.


"self whiteous" LMAO


I please to aim


If you didn't get the dental dam booty call reference you won't get pregnant.

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